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Avalue, DFI, Man & Machine, iKEY, Wincomm

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Medical Monitors

Panel PC and monitors with or without touch functions.

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Medical computers

Computers for medical environments.

Medical Computing

  • Avalue MSBP5521AMA  55" Full HD Medical Display IP65 in front & IPx1 whole unit ALS (optional) Calibration mode(optional) 20 meter DVI/HDMI long cable solution

    Avalue MSBP5521AMA

    • 55" Full HD Medical Display

    • EN60601-1EN60601-1-4

  • Man & Machine VCF • Full size keyboard with integrated numeric keypad • IP rating: IP 65 • Compliance: CE, FCC, WEEE, RoHS, REACH • Color: Hygienic white or black • Size: 42 x 15.2 x 2.3 cm • Weight: 500 g, 575 g with drape • Cable length: Cable: 0.45 m; Extension Cable (included): 1.5 m • Storage temperature: 0 °C to 70 °C • Operating temperature: 0 °C to 70 °C • Power: 5V, 50 mA • Compatibility: Windows, Mac et Linux • Connector: USB • Layout: 104 keys with standard numeric keypad • Warranty 2 year

    Man & Machine VCF

    • Full size keyboard

    • IP rating: IP 65

    • Hygienic white or black

  • iKEY DT-OM AquaPoint™ Sealed Industrial Optical Mouse  Constructed using the same rugged materials that go into the entire line of iKey® peripherals, the NEMA 4X AquaPoint® industrial pointing device features a sealed industrial silicone overlay and robust polycarbonate frame. Its reliable optical technology allows it to function on most surfaces, while its smooth-surfaced buttons make the unit easy to clean. Solid-state engineering ensures the AquaPoint® a long operating life, making the new device the ideal alternative to the office-grade mice that are so commonly replaced in harsh environment settings. Fully sealed.

    iKEY DT-OM

    • AquaPoint™ Sealed

    • Optical Mouse

    • Easy to clean

  • IEI HTB-200-C236  ● Compact small edge device with great computing & graphic performance ● 6th/7th Gen Intel® Xeon & Core™ processor platform with Intel® C236 chipset ● Dual SODIMM ECC & non-ECC unbuffered Memory supported up to 64GB ● PCIe [x16] slot supports for Nvidia GPU, IEI Mustang Acceleration Card ● PCIe [x4] slot supports for capture card or other application

    IEI HTB-200-C236

    • NVIDIA® Tesla support

    • Easy Maintenance

    • Compact edge device

  •  Compulocks Rolling VESA Medical Floor Stand With Universal Tablet Holder WhiteUCLGMCRSTDW

    Compulocks UCLGMCRSTDW

    • Rolling VESA Medical Floor Stand

    • Tablet Holder White

  • ELO 2203LM  03-Series Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitors  The Elo 03-Series of Touchscreen Monitors designed for the Healthcare applications includes four sizes – a 19-inch square aspect ratio display and 22, 24 and 27-inch wide aspect ratio displays. With a compact form factor and clean design for easy integration the 03-Series monitors are well-suited for point-of-sale, point of information, signage and hospitality applications. Additionally, the 03-Series offers IEC60601-1 4th edition and IP54 compliance to support healthcare installations.

    ELO Touch 2203LM

    • 22" Medical Grade Touchscreen Monitor

    • IEC60601-1 4th edition

HighTech IoT Nordic AB   |   |   +46 10-1775800

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