Embedded systems

When you need the really sharp Embedded solutions that meet the most demanding wish & requirement list.

World Class Embedded assortment

We represent the leading manufacturers in Embedded in the world, such as ASRock, Commell, DFI, ICOP, Lexcom and many more.

We also have close contact with the manufacturers, that we can access customized solutions, if you need a custom BIOS, another CPU or the like.

HighTech IoT Nordic AB   |   info@hightech-iot.com   |   +46 10-1775800

Embedded Systems

We build complete Embedded systems in our ESD-proof computer production locally in Norrtälje, Sweden.

Embedded parts

We have a wide collection of everything you need for your Embedded project.

Embedded products

Below are just examples of products, contact us with your inquiry

HighTech IoT Nordic AB   |   info@hightech-iot.com   |   +46 10-1775800

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