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The history of HighTech

HighTech IoT Nordic AB was created by Andreas Luther and Keith Jeminen in the early spring of 2017.

We just had to start this company and offer the global markets our personal know-how and quality that we had been providing for a collective +25 years at former workplaces. But now we had the means to do it directly and promptly without being bound by long chains of decision. We wanted to create something new. To be the hardest working company and utilize new modern ways to approach the markets.


Andreas Luther

CEO and Co-founder of HighTech IoT Nordic AB

47 year old entrepreneur and a certified supply chain specialist. Over 15 years in leading positions in this business has given him a unique top view of the whole spectra involving all recognized vendors as well as end customers in the embedded markets. Andreas has the hawk-eye vision and know-how when utilizing the right supliers for the right customer.


Unnecassary info: Andreas (whose last name is Estonian) has previosly been working as a head coach in tennis for many years. Still plays some tennis, but these days mostly padel, golf, table tennis and billiards (sports geek...).



+46 10 17 75 801

Keith Jeminen

Technical Manager and Co-founder of HighTech IoT Nordic AB

Keith’s field of expertise lies in the technical management throughout the company. His 10 diversative years spent among production, support and management seats has led to a unique set of skills. Keith has worked with all kinds of hardware and systems and has a genuine knowledge of a broad range of fields. Key points being; product development, custom made Embedded operating systems, and software troubleshooting.


Unnecessary info: the former punk rocker Keith (who got his name from the Rolling Stones lead guitarist) also has high level skills in construction. With experience in renovating apartments, houses and also our own facilities at HighTech.



+46 10 17 75 802

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